Ura Decor



_Create balance in your spaces. Let shapes, colors and different
heights create harmony in your home. Handicrafts will always
give a warm touch.



_The bathroom is one of the most important places in the house,
give it its relevance by creating a space that invites personal care
and relaxation.


_The Bubble vase will always be a nice addition to your
spaces with its eye-catching yet clean looking shape. 


_Our fique baskets are perfect to display your plants. Also will add a
touch of warmth to any space.


_Candles are a perfect complement to home decor, and even better

if they are our candles in the form of candle holders, which will
make your space the most chic and striking spot.


_Our home is our sacred place, so we must decorate it in a way that we identify with it, that we feel good at home and enjoy our life in it.



 _Our ’Vueltiao’ rug is a minimal and versatile piece that matches almost
every style of decoration.


_Our fique baskets are one of the most versatile pieces you can get.
You can use them as planter covers, bread baskets, organizers, or anything
you can imagine.